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Career Fairs

Why We Love Campuses

We have worked hard to develop a path for our interns as they graduate school and join us full-time. The first step starts years before a student walks the stage at graduation. College career fairs are where we have our first introduction to many young people who are looking for internships that will help them gain the experience to land them a career. Career fairs are a perfect spot to start a conversation with a future employer and meet current interns from Omnitech. The time we spend at career fairs meeting students who are interested in Omnitech is an investment for not only our company but the university community.

We do not limit our involvement with universities to the yearly career fairs. Visiting campus for class visits, events, and informational sessions is an excellent way for our engineers to stay connected to their alma mater and for students to get first-hand information about the working world. These interactions serve a dual purpose; our engineers get an opportunity to develop their soft skills presenting ideas in front of peers, and students have the chance to find out more information about a topic or ask pointed questions to professionals in the field. Teaming up with the Campus Career Office at schools helps us focus on issues that are valuable to students. Some of our favorite sessions have been on something as simple as Dressing for Success.

One of our strongest recommendations is to step out of your comfort zone! Introduce yourself to companies, ask questions, and hand out your resume. Tell us about yourself. We are here to talk about you! Don’t forget about all the fun swag there is to take home as well.