Learning to Fly – Developing an Engineering Mindset

Learning to Fly – Developing an Engineering Mindset

Omnitech is all about learning. From the lunch get-togethers covering the latest technology trends to the book club exploration of practices in design and dev ops, Omnitech prides itself on knowledge and continuous education. One of the most all-around beneficial experiences at Omnitech is the summer intern program. Every year, the company pours mentorship, projects, strong work ethics, and professional culture into the minds of future developers. We always hope that the experiences and content shared influence our interns to carry a love for learning and growth through their careers.  Below are a few excerpts from their personal blog posts, reflecting their dedication to sharing and passing on knowledge. Check out their full blog post through the accompanying link to get a full glimpse into their Omnitech summer experience.  


“Before this summer, I kept finding myself unable to complete projects that I wanted to try. Often, I was unsure to start. Even after two classes in Web Application Programming, I knew I could build a website, but I wasn’t sure how to build one. It was like reading a book on building a house, but when you actually tried to build one things end up crooked and fall apart. I had the knowledge, but I needed the experience. Omnitech gave me that experience. There was a plethora of educated people who enjoy sharing their knowledge. I think it’s extremely important to take a step out of the college environment and apply your skills in the real world before graduating. For me, Omnitech was the ideal environment for doing this, and the experience and knowledge that I gained there was invaluable!” 


“I never thought that an internship would make this huge of a difference. There is a difference between being a Software Engineer, and actually knowing how to engineer software. Through my internship at Omnitech, I was taught the true meaning through practice, trial and error, and many refactoring sessions. Omnitech did a wonderful job making me try to solve problems myself instead of just telling me what they knew right away. This internship not only helped me grow as a Software Engineer, but it also helped me grow as a person.” 


“Omnitech offered me the chance to sharpen my skills as a programmer, but also the chance to get started down the road of becoming a software engineer. Omnitech reinforces this idea that you are continuously learning. Your learning never stops, and you should take joy in that. This summer has left me with many positive thoughts about my career path. There is so much more that I need to learn to become a software engineer, and I believe that the concepts I absorbed at Omnitech are the building blocks that I need to get there.” 


“While I held the title of intern, I never really felt like one. I learned that there is almost never a correct way to develop a solution. Engineering is all about give and take. Weighing the importance of efficiency, code cleanliness, and convention is what makes the development process interesting (and difficult). The focus on learning at Omnitech is inspiring. In an industry that is constantly advancing, Omnitech provides engineers with the tools they need to stay ahead. My experience at Omnitech this summer was nothing short of life changing. It was the first step into the field I intend to be in for the rest of my life. A special thanks to all the wonderful people at Omnitech for making this the best work experience I have had.” 


Omnitech’s culture and team made me feel comfortable asking questions and reaching out to the local expert on a topic. My internship offered me many opportunities to recognize what I didn’t know; there was an immeasurable number of topics, languages, and concepts that I wasn’t familiar withHowever, I wasn’t afraid. Omnitech equipped me the with the tools required to explore so that I could enjoy the creation and execution of solutions. Omnitech reinvigorated the belief of ‘a happy career truly evolves from finding fun and fulfillment out of the journey’. 

It’s truly rewarding to be a part of our industry’s future. We congratulate all our interns and thank them for being inspirational in return. We look forward to seeing these young developers bloom into full-fledged engineers!  

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