STEM Foundation Built on LEGOS

STEM Foundation Built on LEGOS

There are many reasons why  LEGO League inspires us as an organization. LEGO League encourages a broad range of skills that help kids begin to think, create, collaborate and dig into solutions. Seeing these life skills promoted and being able to foster them by supporting two LEGO League teams has allowed us to invest in a culture of technology within our community. The foundational knowledge that these nine to fourteen-year-olds gain early in their lives can spark a life-long interest in engineering and technology. LEGO League has been able to develop participant’s skills outside of engineering and technology as well, increasing their success in situations that require determination, teamwork, composure and quick thinking. Here are a few examples of skills sharpened in LEGO League that mirror what our engineers encounter on a daily basis.

Community of Mentors:  Mentoring is a running theme in successful LEGO League teams.  The guidance given by coaches is priceless in building STEM skills, inspiring their creativity, and encouraging confidence.  Similarly, mentoring is the foundation that our learning environment is built. We believe the investment in mentoring engages everyone to share knowledge and increase skills.

Collaboration: You can say collaboration is the key to any highly functioning LEGO League team and the same can be said for work teams.  Collaboration lends itself to increasing knowledge, approaching problems from various angles, and building those essential mentoring relationships. 

Professionalism: LEGO League participants practice Gracious Professionalism. Handling situations with humility and grace is a cornerstone of the way we interact with everyone we meet. Having the experience to handle encounters and challenges with a level-headed professional demeanor is an asset that is respected in any environment. 

Supporting these skills in our community mirrors the support for our team to continue to develop and grow in the technology field.  The experience kids are gaining through their LEGO League participation will continue to inspire a love of technology and design. At the same time strengthening the leadership and communication that is going to drive innovation in our industry and have a positive impact in our communities. While the full result of the LEGO League’s impact isn’t always immediately visible, the investment will be fully realized in the future – and what a fun investment it is for us to make.

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