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SD Code Camp 2018

SD Code Camp 2018

Saturday, October 27th brought South Dakota Code Camp 2018 to Sioux Falls, SD. This event is a free yearly event although we took a hiatus last year. This year SD Code Camp was hosted at Raven and we were glad to be one of the sponsors. Omnitech views this as an opportunity to support and elevate the technology community in South Dakota. Everyone benefits by learning from the experiences of others through presentations and conversations. It’s a great place to connect with engineers that we’ve gotten to know through events and while working with many companies in the region.

This year, there were over 120 attendees and a great turnout in the kids' track. It was fun to see the robots and programming introduction tools the kids had set up in the morning.

We had a few engineers from Omnitech that were able to attend. Here are their experiences:

“A lot of people came, and it was fun to be in a room with so many other developers. I’m excited to see where this conference goes in the future. It was great to hear from other developers working in a variety of industries and to learn from the experiences they’ve had.” ~ Dakota

“The first thing that caught my attention was the number of people that were there. When I heard the Idea of SD Code Camp from Kevin just a couple months ago, I never thought there would end up being over 100 developers and a dozen speakers in attendance. There was a wide variety of talks ranging from topics as broad as Career pathing to more technical ones, such as unit testing and language features. There was a little bit of everything for developers of all skill levels. There were things I took away from SD Code Camp that I could immediately use at work the next week. However, I think the one aspect that caught my attention the most is the growing community of passionate developers in the Sioux Falls area.” ~ Riley

“Yeah! I would say that the camp was an excellent opportunity to expand my skills as an engineer. It’s a great way to meet other people with a passion for learning and self-improvement.” ~John

“I’ve attended multiple times in the last 10 years. I was able to help in organizing this year and am very thankful for all the work they put in. Also to Raven to host the event as it is difficult to find a good venue. The sponsors gave money that paid for snacks, lunch and the materials and prizes for the kids. I enjoyed talking to people from different companies that I’ve crossed paths with in the future. The real world experiences that were shared about professional development, Service Fabric usage, and Will Bushee’s adventures with microcontrollers and home automation were informative and fun. I also enjoyed the sneak peeks into Blazor and Azure DevSpaces. It’s great to learn from other’s efforts and gets me excited about things to look into further. I was honored to present this year “I know I should be Unit Testing, but I don't know how or where to start”. There were some great interaction and genuine interest in the topic. I recorded the talk on my phone, so you can listenin if that interests you. Visit to learn more about the group, share at a meetup and find me in the slack channel." ~ Kevin

We see these events as highly valuable and look forward to interacting with you at future events!

Note: the sdcodecamp links will likely change next year when the next event is planned

Here’s our experience in 2016: Code Camp 2016